Credit Mutuel CMUT: information and connection

Credit Minute offers an online banking service called CMUT to its customers, a complete formula for managing their accounts via the internet.

Credit Minute’s CMUT service

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Credit Minute is a mutual bank (or cooperative bank) which stands out from its competition by its services offered and of which online banking is a part, through its CMUT offer.

There are two distance banking or online banking contracts: CMUT Direct Basis and CMUT Direct. Both services allow you to manage your accounts online, by simple connection to the Internet (WIFI, 4G, 3G, WAP, GPRS). All routine operations can be carried out remotely, from home or from work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Today dematerialized online banking services are increasingly sought by users, it is for this reason that large banking groups offer their adapted services such as CMUT Direct.

Services included in the CMUT

There are 3 CMUT contracts offered by Credit Minute:

  • CMUT Direct : service invoiced at 3 € / month offering reduced rates on telephone and minitel telecommunications, access to account management and consultation of bank accounts.
  • CMUT Direct Basis : basic services to manage your accounts, consult your history and bank statements, without subscription.
  • CMUT Direct and CMT Direct Basis : service comprising the two above offers.

Good to know: for any subscription to a EuroCompte Tranquillité, you automatically benefit from CMUT Direct Basis. To subscribe to a CMUT Direct offer, you must first have a Comfort, Serenity or Youth Eurocount.

Subscribe to Credit Minute’s CMUT service

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If you are already a Credit Minute customer, you can already subscribe to this offer by going to the website under the heading of monitoring and managing your accounts online. You just need to identify yourself to access the simplified form, which only requires choosing the CMUT offer. It is also possible to go through your bank advisor or by telephone: 0 821 080 080 for France, 0 892 70 57 57 (Direct Basis formula) and 0 891 70 17 17 (Direct formula) for Guyana and West Indies.

If you are not a customer, you can also join the two telephone lines mentioned above or fill out the form on the website. It is also possible to go to an agency to take advantage of the offer.

Useful link: Credit Minute offers a demo of its CMUT offer, this allows you to view the online banking space, demonstration is possible for individuals and professionals.

Practical information on Credit Minute

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Credit Minute obtained for the fifth time the trophy for the best French banking group by the magazine World Finance, the bank is also recognized by its customers for its mutualist commitments and its social and environmental responsibility. By accounting for CM and CIC, the group has more than 30 million customers, including 28 million individuals. The group has 78,000 employees, 17.2% market share in bank loans and 15% market share in deposits. Online banking is one of the major axes of the group, which still has just over 2,100 local banks.

Good to know: the bank credit offers proposed by Credit Minute can be the subject of a grouping of credits without leaving the CMUT online banking services. That is to say that the loans are grouped independently of the bank address of the CMUT.

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